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Rafting With Waterfall Abseiling

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For those who love action packed rafting adventure in Sri Lanka why not try an exciting rafting experience starting from Kitulgala along the Kelani River! 

Doing White Water Rafting as a sport not only gives someone a hobby but also teaches us great lessons such as team work, obeying to one command, team spirit, how to concentrate on one work and most importantly when you’re facing some challenges in your day today life that the answer for the challenge lays inside the challenge. Being able to understand and learn these lesson will surely makes a better you for the tomorrow.

If you have always enjoyed being in the outdoors, why not get to grips with abseiling. This is an activity that we can guarantee will be both challenging and exciting!

Experience the thrill of scaling a tall waterfall. Get your adrenaline pumping and conquer your fears as you climb through the cool waters rushing from the top, surrounded by amazing jungle scenery.

An experience of adrenaline and achievement is guaranteed to fulfill you, as you will experience abseiling at a waterfall of 105ft descent.
Starting from the top of the waterfall giving you a panoramic view of the mountains and rain forests where you will also have to hike to get to the top of the waterfall.

The intense and powerful feeling of the water combined with the fact that you are hanging on a rope and that there is nothing but water beneath and above, will give adrenaline push like you have never experienced before.


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