Two Days Adventure at Meemure

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Camping is an out of doors activity involving nightlong stays removed from target a shelter, like a tent. usually participants leave developed areas to pay time outdoors in additional natural ones in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment. To be thought to be "camping" a minimum of 1 night is spent outdoors, distinctive it from day-tripping, picnicking, and alternative equally short recreational activities. inhabitation is enjoyed through all four seasons.

Luxury could also be part, as in early twentieth century African safaris, however together with accommodations in absolutely equipped fastened structures like high-end sporting camps beneath the banner of "camping" blurs the road.

Camping as a recreational activity became fashionable among elites within the early twentieth century. With time, it grew additional democratic, and varied. trendy campers frequent publically owned  natural resources like national and state parks, geographic…

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Hotel Policy

Hotel Policy

Days : 2 | Nights : 1 | Hours :


  •     Welcoming the Customer
  •     Lunch Buffet
  •     Jungle Trekking
  •     BBQ Night + Campfire + Dinner
  •     Night Under Tents
  •     Bed Tea and Breakfast
  •     Sorriya Arana Water Activities
  •     Lunch BuffetAnd Check Out
  •     Sooriya arana water activities
  •     Buffet lunch & check out


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